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Life Expectancy Calculator

How Long Will I Live For?
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Factors affecting life expectancy:
orange line
  Are you female?
Reason: females live longer
  Yes: No:
  Did any of your grandparents live to age 85?
Reason: 25% genetic factor
  Yes: No:
  Did all your grandparents reach age 80?
Reason: 100% genetic factor
  Yes: No:
  Did either of your parents die of cardiovascular disease before age 50?
Reason: 20 - 25 years less than national average
  Yes: No:
  Did any of your parents or siblings either have/had cancer, heart condition or juvenile diabetes before age 50?
Reason: genetic
  Yes: No:
  Do you exercise at moderate intensity (aerobically) for at least 30 minutes 3 or 4 times a week?
Reason: inactivity is a major risk factor
  Yes: No:
  How many cigarettes do you smoke a day?
Reason: smoking is the greatest modifiable risk factor
  Do you eat fresh fruit and vegetables:
Reason: low fat, high fibre, anti-oxidant - can help prevent heart disease and cancer
  Every day
Most days
  Do you eat a healthy breakfast (cereal, toast or fruit):
Reason: stimulates metabolism - fruit and fibre
  Every day
Most days
  Do you have high blood pressure?
Reason: risk factor of stroke and cardiovascular disease
  Yes: No:
  Do you have elevated cholesterol?
Reason: risk factor for heart disease
  Yes: No:
  Do you drink more than 6 standard alcoholic drinks per day?
Reason: heavy consumption associated with a number of illnesses
  Yes: No:
  Do you drive more than 40,000km a year?
Reason: time on the road is a risk
  Yes: No:
  Did you receive a speeding ticket in the past year?
Reason: speed kills
  Yes: No:
  Your age:
Reason: some diseases become less prevalent as you age e.g. type 1 diabetes
  under 30
30 - 50
50 - 60
60 - 70
over 70
  Do you either sleep less than 5 hours or more than 10 hours a night?
Reason: irregular hours disrupt natural sleep cycles (hormone levels, immune systems)
  Yes: No:
  Do you live in an urban area?   Yes: No:
  Do you live in a rural area?   Yes: No:
  Do you work at a desk?   Yes: No:
  Are you physically active?   Yes: No:
  Do you plan to work past the age of 60?
Reason: work adds purpose to life. Stopping work is associated with increase in mortality rate
  Yes: No:
  Did you complete high school?
Reason: more likely to have career success which can affect psycho-emotional well being and health
  Yes: No:
  Do you have a university degree?
Reason: enhanced potential for career success
  Yes: No:
  Are you:    
intense and easily angered   half way   easy going and relaxed
  Reason: stress and volatility are associated with suppression of immune system and predisposition to cancer, heart disease and other illnesses  

  Do you earn more than $60,000 a year?
Reason: higher paid jobs generally have higher levels of responsibilities and stress
  Yes: No:
  Do you live alone?
Reason: loneliness is a risk factor
  Yes: No:
  Rate yourself on how much pleasure you get from:
  Lot Little None
Love life
Where you live
  Do you expect to live a long and healthy life?
Reason: your attitudes and psycho-emotional profile have an impact on your well-being
  Yes: No:
  Do you have a pet?
Reason: people with pets live longer on average
  Yes: No:
  clear_all   calculate
  Your life expectancy is:     years
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