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ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Guide To Accredited Online Schools & Distance Learning Degrees.
Guide To Online Schools is an online education directory that specializes in online degrees, online schools, and distance learning.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Online Colleges and Online Universities in USA
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Universities Canada
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Universities USA
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Universities worldwide

Resources For Students and Teachers

ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Currencies of the World: Banknotes with images
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Dictionary of chemical formulas
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Enchanted Learning for young children
ball1.gif (1653 bytes) is an ideal online reference source for researchers, students, educators, and professionals offers millions of free articles, pictures, facts, and biographies along with information about topics like the arts, science, sports, medicine, accounting, and management.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Financial Aid Resources offers information on financial aid and an online application for Federal Stafford loans for graduate students.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Free interactive education resources for science students and teachers:
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Exploratorium, Museum of Science, Arts and Human Perception:
Currently serving 20 million visitors a year online, Exploratorium is a collage of hundreds of interactive exhibits in the areas of science, art, and human perception, containing over 18 thousand award-winning Web pages exploring hundreds of different topics.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Technorama, The Swiss Science Center:
The interactive exhibits at Technorama invite you to touch, to try, to play and to understand - a true feast for all your senses. Technorama will leave you mesmerized, no matter how old you are and no matter how much you know (or don't) about science, art and technology.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Internet2 Gateway: Network applications for research and education
Internet2 is a university-led effort to develop advanced network applications for research and education. Most Internet2 applications make use of Abilene, a high-performance computer network that provides bandwidth, responsiveness, and reliability that’s far superior to the “commodity Internet.”
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Free educational game downloads
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Free essays on all subject matters available online
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Harvard Natural Sciences Lecture Demonstrations
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Immigration Canada
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Immigration USA
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)International Student Application Tips
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Language Tools
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Library of Thinkquest for Students
Over 8,000 websites on various subjects created by students around the world.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Neckties: Learn how to tie neckties.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Online Degrees and Programs
Resources that you need to discover if that degree path is right for you. Not only will this facilitate your school search, but it will expose you to other jobs in your field of interest.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Online Educational Resources on Distance Learning
An extensive database of articles answers your most important inquiries on starting an online degree, the importance of accreditation, and financial aid options. From the pros and cons of online schools to tips on succeeding in online classes, this section will clear up any confusion you may have on distance learning.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Study Abroad: Top Universities Worldwide:
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In Australia
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In Canada
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In Japan
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In New Zealand
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In Singapore
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In UK
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)In USA
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
The TOEFL program provides English proficiency testing services for international students planning to study in the United States, Canada, or other countries where English is the language of instruction. The TOEFL test is made available worldwide to all persons.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)TOEFL Test: Free TOEFL practice tests online

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