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Economic Aid - Donor

This entry refers to net official development assistance (ODA) from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) nations to developing countries and multilateral organizations. ODA is defined as financial assistance that is concessional in character, has the main objective to promote economic development and welfare of the less developed countries (LDCs), and contains a grant element of at least 25%. The entry does not cover other official flows (OOF) or private flows. These figures are calculated on an exchange rate basis, i.e., not in purchasing power parity (PPP) terms.
Economic Aid - Donor (US Dollar)
Australia ODA, $2.123 billion (2006)
Austria ODA, $1.498 billion (2006)
Belgium ODA, $1.978 billion (2006)
Canada ODA, $3.9 billion (2007)
Cyprus $25.9 million (2006)
Denmark ODA, $2.236 billion (2006)
Finland ODA, $1.023 billion (2007)
France ODA, $10.6 billion (2006)
Germany ODA, $10.44 billion (2006)
Greece $424 million (2006)
Iceland $6.7 million (2004)
Ireland ODA, $1.022 billion (2006)
Italy ODA, $3.641 billion (2006)
Japan ODA, $11.19 billion (2006)
Korea, South ODA, $455.3 million (2006)
Luxembourg ODA, $291 million (2006)
Netherlands ODA, $5.452 billion (2006)
New Zealand ODA, $259 million (2006)
Norway ODA, $2.954 billion (2006)
Portugal ODA, $396 million (2006)
Saudi Arabia since 2002, Saudi Arabia has provided more than $480 million in budgetary support to the Palestinian Authority, supported Palestinian refugees through contributions to the UN Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), provided more than $250 million to Arab League funds for the Palestinians, and pledged $500 million in assistance over the next three years at the Donors Conference in Dec 2007; pledged $230 million to development in Afghanistan; pledged $1 billion in export guarantees and soft loans to Iraq; pledged $133 million in direct grant aid, $187 million in concessional loans, and $153 million in export credits for Pakistan earthquake relief; pledged a total of $1.59 billion to Lebanon in assistance and deposits to the Central Bank of Lebanon in 2006 and pledged an additional $1.1 billion in early 2007
Spain ODA, $3.814 billion (2006)
Sweden ODA, $3.955 billion (2006)
Switzerland ODA, $1.646 billion (2006)
United Arab Emirates since its founding in 1971, the Abu Dhabi Fund for Development has given about $5.2 billion in aid to 56 countries (2004)
United Kingdom ODA, $12.46 billion (2006)
United States ODA, $23.53 billion (2006)

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