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Agriculture - Products

This entry is an ordered listing of major crops and products starting with the most important.
Agriculture - Products
Afghanistan: opium poppies, wheat, fruits, nuts; wool, mutton, karakul pelts
Albania: wheat, corn, potatoes, vegetables, fruits, sugar beets, grapes; meat, dairy products
Algeria:wheat, barley, oats, grapes, olives, citrus, fruits; sheep, cattle
American Samoa:bananas, coconuts, vegetables, taro, breadfruit, yams, copra, pineapples, papayas; dairy products, livestock
Andorra: small quantities of tobacco, rye, wheat, barley, oats, vegetables; sheep
Angola: bananas, sugarcane, coffee, sisal, corn, cotton, manioc (tapioca), tobacco, vegetables, plantains; livestock; forest products; fish
Anguilla: small quantities of tobacco, vegetables; cattle raising
Antigua and Barbuda: cotton, fruits, vegetables, bananas, coconuts, cucumbers, mangoes, sugarcane; livestock
Argentina: sunflower seeds, lemons, soybeans, grapes, corn, tobacco, peanuts, tea, wheat; livestock
Armenia: fruit (especially grapes), vegetables; livestock
Aruba: aloes; livestock; fish
Australia: wheat, barley, sugarcane, fruits; cattle, sheep, poultry
Austria: grains, potatoes, sugar beets, wine, fruit; dairy products, cattle, pigs, poultry; lumber
Azerbaijan: cotton, grain, rice, grapes, fruit, vegetables, tea, tobacco; cattle, pigs, sheep, goats
Bahamas, The: citrus, vegetables; poultry
Bahrain: fruit, vegetables; poultry, dairy products; shrimp, fish
Bangladesh: rice, jute, tea, wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, tobacco, pulses, oilseeds, spices, fruit; beef, milk, poultry
Barbados: sugarcane, vegetables, cotton
Belarus: grain, potatoes, vegetables, sugar beets, flax; beef, milk
Belgium: sugar beets, fresh vegetables, fruits, grain, tobacco; beef, veal, pork, milk
Belize: bananas, coca, citrus, sugarcane; lumber; fish, cultured shrimp
Benin: corn, sorghum, cassava (tapioca), yams, beans, rice, cotton, palm oil, peanuts; poultry, livestock
Bermuda: bananas, vegetables, citrus, flowers; dairy products
Bhutan: rice, corn, root crops, citrus, foodgrains; dairy products, eggs
Bolivia: soybeans, coffee, coca, cotton, corn, sugarcane, rice, potatoes; timber
Bosnia and Herzegovina: wheat, corn, fruits, vegetables; livestock
Botswana: sorghum, corn, millet, pulses, groundnuts (peanuts), beans, cowpeas, sunflower seed; livestock
Brazil: coffee, soybeans, wheat, rice, corn, sugarcane, cocoa, citrus; beef
British Virgin Islands: fruits, vegetables; livestock, poultry; fish
Brunei: rice, vegetables, fruits, chickens, water buffalo
Bulgaria: vegetables, fruits, tobacco, livestock, wine, wheat, barley, sunflowers, sugar beets
Burkina Faso: peanuts, shea nuts, sesame, cotton, sorghum, millet, corn, rice; livestock
Burma: paddy rice, corn, oilseed, sugarcane, pulses; hardwood
Burundi: coffee, cotton, tea, corn, sorghum, sweet potatoes, bananas, manioc (tapioca); beef, milk, hides
Cambodia: rice, rubber, corn, vegetables
Cameroon: coffee, cocoa, cotton, rubber, bananas, oilseed, grains, root starches; livestock; timber
Canada: wheat, barley, oilseed, tobacco, fruits, vegetables; dairy products; forest products; fish
Cape Verde: bananas, corn, beans, sweet potatoes, sugarcane, coffee, peanuts; fish
Cayman Islands: vegetables, fruit; livestock, turtle farming
Central African Republic: cotton, coffee, tobacco, manioc (tapioca), yams, millet, corn, bananas; timber
Chad: cotton, sorghum, millet, peanuts, rice, potatoes, manioc (tapioca); cattle, sheep, goats, camels
Chile: wheat, corn, grapes, beans, sugar beets, potatoes, fruit; beef, poultry, wool; fish; timber
China: rice, wheat, potatoes, sorghum, peanuts, tea, millet, barley, cotton, oilseed; pork; fish
Christmas Island: NA
Cocos (Keeling) Islands: vegetables, bananas, pawpaws, coconuts
Colombia: coffee, cut flowers, bananas, rice, tobacco, corn, sugarcane, cocoa beans, oilseed, vegetables; forest products; shrimp
Comoros: vanilla, cloves, perfume essences, copra, coconuts, bananas, cassava (tapioca)
Congo, Democratic Republic of the: coffee, sugar, palm oil, rubber, tea, quinine, cassava (tapioca), palm oil, bananas, root crops, corn, fruits; wood products
Congo, Republic of the: cassava (tapioca), sugar, rice, corn, peanuts, vegetables, coffee, cocoa; forest products
Cook Islands: copra, citrus, pineapples, tomatoes, beans, pawpaws, bananas, yams, taro, coffee; pigs, poultry
Costa Rica: coffee, pineapples, bananas, sugar, corn, rice, beans, potatoes; beef; timber
Cote d'Ivoire: coffee, cocoa beans, bananas, palm kernels, corn, rice, manioc (tapioca), sweet potatoes, sugar, cotton, rubber; timber
Croatia: wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflower seed, alfalfa, clover, olives, citrus, grapes, soy beans, potatoes; livestock, dairy products
Cuba: sugar, tobacco, citrus, coffee, rice, potatoes, beans; livestock
Cyprus: potatoes, citrus, vegetables, barley, grapes, olives, vegetables
Czech Republic: wheat, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, fruit; pigs, poultry
Denmark: grain, potatoes, rape, sugar beets; pork and beef, dairy products; fish
Djibouti: fruits, vegetables; goats, sheep, camels
Dominica: bananas, citrus, mangoes, root crops, coconuts, cocoa; forest and fishery potential not exploited
Dominican Republic: sugarcane, coffee, cotton, cocoa, tobacco, rice, beans, potatoes, corn, bananas; cattle, pigs, dairy products, beef, eggs
Ecuador: bananas, coffee, cocoa, rice, potatoes, manioc (tapioca), plantains, sugarcane; cattle, sheep, pigs, beef, pork, dairy products; balsa wood; fish, shrimp
Egypt: cotton, rice, corn, wheat, beans, fruits, vegetables; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats
El Salvador: coffee, sugar, corn, rice, beans, oilseed, cotton, sorghum; shrimp; beef, dairy products
Equatorial Guinea: coffee, cocoa, rice, yams, cassava (tapioca), bananas, palm oil nuts; livestock; timber
Eritrea: sorghum, lentils, vegetables, corn, cotton, tobacco, coffee, sisal; livestock, goats; fish
Estonia: potatoes, fruits, vegetables; livestock and dairy products; fish
Ethiopia: cereals, pulses, coffee, oilseed, sugarcane, potatoes, qat; hides, cattle, sheep, goats
Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas): fodder and vegetable crops; sheep, dairy products
Faroe Islands: milk, potatoes, vegetables; sheep; salmon, other fish
Fiji: sugarcane, coconuts, cassava (tapioca), rice, sweet potatoes, bananas; cattle, pigs, horses, goats; fish
Finland: cereals, sugar beets, potatoes; dairy cattle; fish
France: wheat, cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, wine grapes; beef, dairy products; fish
French Guiana: rice, manioc (tapioca), sugar, cocoa, vegetables, bananas; cattle, pigs, poultry
French Polynesia: coconuts, vanilla, vegetables, fruits; poultry, beef, dairy products
Gabon: cocoa, coffee, sugar, palm oil, rubber; cattle; okoume (a tropical softwood); fish
Gambia, The: peanuts, millet, sorghum, rice, corn, sesame, cassava (tapioca), palm kernels; cattle, sheep, goats; forest and fishery resources not fully exploited
Gaza Strip: olives, citrus, vegetables; beef, dairy products
Georgia: citrus, grapes, tea, vegetables, potatoes; livestock
Germany: potatoes, wheat, barley, sugar beets, fruit, cabbages; cattle, pigs, poultry
Ghana: cocoa, rice, coffee, cassava (tapioca), peanuts, corn, shea nuts, bananas; timber
Gibraltar: none
Greece: wheat, corn, barley, sugar beets, olives, tomatoes, wine, tobacco, potatoes; beef, dairy products
Greenland: forage crops, garden and greenhouse vegetables; sheep, reindeer; fish
Grenada: bananas, cocoa, nutmeg, mace, citrus, avocados, root crops, sugarcane, corn, vegetables
Guadeloupe: bananas, sugarcane, tropical fruits and vegetables; cattle, pigs, goats
Guam: fruits, copra, vegetables; eggs, pork, poultry, beef
Guatemala: sugarcane, corn, bananas, coffee, beans, cardamom; cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens
Guernsey: tomatoes, greenhouse flowers, sweet peppers, eggplant, fruit; Guernsey cattle
Guinea: rice, coffee, pineapples, palm kernels, cassava (tapioca), bananas, sweet potatoes; cattle, sheep, goats; timber
Guinea-Bissau: rice, corn, beans, cassava (tapioca), cashew nuts, peanuts, palm kernels, cotton; timber; fish
Guyana: sugar, rice, wheat, vegetable oils; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; forest and fishery potential not exploited
Haiti: coffee, mangoes, sugarcane, rice, corn, sorghum; wood
Honduras: bananas, coffee, citrus; beef; timber; shrimp
Hong Kong: fresh vegetables; poultry
Hungary: wheat, corn, sunflower seed, potatoes, sugar beets; pigs, cattle, poultry, dairy products
Iceland: potatoes, turnips; cattle, sheep; fish
India: rice, wheat, oilseed, cotton, jute, tea, sugarcane, potatoes; cattle, water buffalo, sheep, goats, poultry; fish
Indonesia: rice, cassava (tapioca), peanuts, rubber, cocoa, coffee, palm oil, copra; poultry, beef, pork, eggs
Iran: wheat, rice, other grains, sugar beets, fruits, nuts, cotton; dairy products, wool; caviar
Iraq: wheat, barley, rice, vegetables, dates, cotton; cattle, sheep
Ireland: turnips, barley, potatoes, sugar beets, wheat; beef, dairy products
Israel: citrus, vegetables, cotton; beef, poultry, dairy products
Italy: fruits, vegetables, grapes, potatoes, sugar beets, soybeans, grain, olives; beef, dairy products; fish
Jamaica: sugarcane, bananas, coffee, citrus, potatoes, vegetables; poultry, goats, milk
Japan: rice, sugar beets, vegetables, fruit; pork, poultry, dairy products, eggs; fish
Jersey: potatoes, cauliflower, tomatoes; beef, dairy products
Jordan: wheat, barley, citrus, tomatoes, melons, olives; sheep, goats, poultry
Kazakhstan: grain (mostly spring wheat), cotton; wool, livestock
Kenya: coffee, tea, corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruit, vegetables; dairy products, beef, pork, poultry, eggs
Kiribati: copra, taro, breadfruit, sweet potatoes, vegetables; fish
Korea, North: rice, corn, potatoes, soybeans, pulses; cattle, pigs, pork, eggs
Korea, South: rice, root crops, barley, vegetables, fruit; cattle, pigs, chickens, milk, eggs; fish
Kuwait: practically no crops; fish
Kyrgyzstan: tobacco, cotton, potatoes, vegetables, grapes, fruits and berries; sheep, goats, cattle, wool
Laos: sweet potatoes, vegetables, corn, coffee, sugarcane, tobacco, cotton; tea, peanuts, rice; water buffalo, pigs, cattle, poultry
Latvia: grain, sugar beets, potatoes, vegetables; beef, milk, eggs; fish
Lebanon: citrus, grapes, tomatoes, apples, vegetables, potatoes, olives, tobacco; sheep, goats
Lesotho: corn, wheat, pulses, sorghum, barley; livestock
Liberia: rubber, coffee, cocoa, rice, cassava (tapioca), palm oil, sugarcane, bananas; sheep, goats; timber
Libya: wheat, barley, olives, dates, citrus, vegetables, peanuts, soybeans; cattle
Liechtenstein: wheat, barley, corn, potatoes; livestock, dairy products
Lithuania: grain, potatoes, sugar beets, flax, vegetables; beef, milk, eggs; fish
Luxembourg: barley, oats, potatoes, wheat, fruits, wine grapes; livestock products
Macau: rice, vegetables
Macedonia, The Former Yugoslav Republic of: rice, tobacco, wheat, corn, millet, cotton, sesame, mulberry leaves, citrus, vegetables; beef, pork, poultry, mutton
Madagascar: coffee, vanilla, sugarcane, cloves, cocoa, rice, cassava (tapioca), beans, bananas, peanuts; livestock products
Malawi: tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, tea, corn, potatoes, cassava (tapioca), sorghum, pulses; cattle, goats
Malaysia: Peninsular Malaysia - rubber, palm oil, cocoa, rice; Sabah - subsistence crops, rubber, timber, coconuts, rice; Sarawak - rubber, pepper; timber
Maldives: coconuts, corn, sweet potatoes; fish
Mali: cotton, millet, rice, corn, vegetables, peanuts; cattle, sheep, goats
Malta: potatoes, cauliflower, grapes, wheat, barley, tomatoes, citrus, cut flowers, green peppers; pork, milk, poultry, eggs
Man, Isle of: cereals, vegetables; cattle, sheep, pigs, poultry
Marshall Islands: coconuts, tomatoes, melons, cacao, taro, breadfruit, fruits; pigs, chickens
Martinique: pineapples, avocados, bananas, flowers, vegetables, sugarcane
Mauritania: dates, millet, sorghum, rice, corn, dates; cattle, sheep
Mauritius: sugarcane, tea, corn, potatoes, bananas, pulses; cattle, goats; fish
Mayotte: vanilla, ylang-ylang (perfume essence), coffee, copra
Mexico: corn, wheat, soybeans, rice, beans, cotton, coffee, fruit, tomatoes; beef, poultry, dairy products; wood products
Micronesia, Federated States of: black pepper, tropical fruits and vegetables, coconuts, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes; pigs, chickens
Moldova: vegetables, fruits, wine, grain, sugar beets, sunflower seed, tobacco; beef, milk
Monaco: none
Mongolia: wheat, barley, potatoes, forage crops; sheep, goats, cattle, camels, horses
Montserrat: cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, peppers; livestock products
Morocco: barley, wheat, citrus, wine, vegetables, olives; livestock
Mozambique: cotton, cashew nuts, sugarcane, tea, cassava (tapioca), corn, rice, coconuts, sisal, tropical fruits; beef, poultry
Namibia: millet, sorghum, peanuts; livestock; fish
Nauru: coconuts
Nepal: rice, corn, wheat, sugarcane, root crops; milk, water buffalo meat
Netherlands: grains, potatoes, sugar beets, fruits, vegetables; livestock
Netherlands Antilles: aloes, sorghum, peanuts, vegetables, tropical fruit
New Caledonia: vegetables; beef, deer, other livestock products
New Zealand: wheat, barley, potatoes, pulses, fruits, vegetables; wool, beef, dairy products; fish
Nicaragua: coffee, bananas, sugarcane, cotton, rice, corn, tobacco, sesame, soya, beans; beef, veal, pork, poultry, dairy products
Niger: cowpeas, cotton, peanuts, millet, sorghum, cassava (tapioca), rice; cattle, sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, horses, poultry
Nigeria: cocoa, peanuts, palm oil, corn, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava (tapioca), yams, rubber; cattle, sheep, goats, pigs; timber; fish
Niue: coconuts, passion fruit, honey, limes, taro, yams, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes; pigs, poultry, beef cattle
Norfolk Island: Norfolk Island pine seed, Kentia palm seed, cereals, vegetables, fruit; cattle, poultry
Northern Mariana Islands: coconuts, fruits, vegetables; cattle
Norway: barley, other grains, potatoes; beef, milk; fish
Oman: dates, limes, bananas, alfalfa, vegetables; camels, cattle; fish
Pakistan: cotton, wheat, rice, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; milk, beef, mutton, eggs
Palau: coconuts, copra, cassava (tapioca), sweet potatoes
Panama: bananas, rice, corn, coffee, sugarcane, vegetables; livestock; shrimp
Papua New Guinea: coffee, cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, tea, rubber, sweet potatoes, fruit, vegetables; poultry, pork
Paraguay: cotton, sugarcane, soybeans, corn, wheat, tobacco, cassava (yucca), fruits, vegetables; beef, pork, eggs, milk; timber
Peru: coffee, cotton, sugarcane, rice, wheat, potatoes, plantains, coca; poultry, beef, dairy products, wool; fish
Philippines: rice, coconuts, corn, sugarcane, bananas, pineapples, mangoes; pork, eggs, beef; fish
Pitcairn Islands: wide variety of fruits and vegetables, goats, chickens
Poland: potatoes, fruits, vegetables, wheat; poultry, eggs, pork
Portugal: grain, potatoes, olives, grapes; sheep, cattle, goats, poultry, beef, dairy products
Puerto Rico: sugarcane, coffee, pineapples, plantains, bananas; livestock products, chickens
Qatar: fruits, vegetables; poultry, dairy products, beef; fish
Reunion: sugarcane, vanilla, tobacco, tropical fruits, vegetables, corn
Romania: wheat, corn, sugar beets, sunflower seed, potatoes, grapes; eggs, sheep
Russia: grain, sugar beets, sunflower seed, vegetables, fruits; beef, milk
Rwanda: coffee, tea, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), bananas, beans, sorghum, potatoes; livestock
Saint Helena: corn, potatoes, vegetables; timber; fish, crawfish (on Tristan da Cunha)
Saint Kitts and Nevis: sugarcane, rice, yams, vegetables, bananas; fish
Saint Lucia: bananas, coconuts, vegetables, citrus, root crops, cocoa
Saint Pierre and Miquelon: vegetables; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: bananas, coconuts, sweet potatoes, spices; small numbers of cattle, sheep, pigs, goats; fish
Samoa: coconuts, bananas, taro, yams
San Marino: wheat, grapes, corn, olives; cattle, pigs, horses, beef, cheese, hides
Sao Tome and Principe: cocoa, coconuts, palm kernels, copra, cinnamon, pepper, coffee, bananas, papayas, beans; poultry; fish
Saudi Arabia: wheat, barley, tomatoes, melons, dates, citrus; mutton, chickens, eggs, milk
Senegal: peanuts, millet, corn, sorghum, rice, cotton, tomatoes, green vegetables; cattle, poultry, pigs; fish
Seychelles: coconuts, cinnamon, vanilla, sweet potatoes, cassava (tapioca), bananas; broiler chickens; tuna fish
Sierra Leone: rice, coffee, cocoa, palm kernels, palm oil, peanuts; poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs; fish
Singapore: rubber, copra, fruit, orchids, vegetables; poultry, eggs, fish, ornamental fish
Slovakia: grains, potatoes, sugar beets, hops, fruit; pigs, cattle, poultry; forest products
Slovenia: potatoes, hops, wheat, sugar beets, corn, grapes; cattle, sheep, poultry
Solomon Islands: cocoa, beans, coconuts, palm kernels, rice, potatoes, vegetables, fruit; cattle, pigs; timber; fish
Somalia: cattle, sheep, goats; bananas, sorghum, corn, sugarcane, mangoes, sesame seeds, beans; fish
South Africa: corn, wheat, sugarcane, fruits, vegetables; beef, poultry, mutton, wool, dairy products
Spain: grain, vegetables, olives, wine grapes, sugar beets, citrus; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; fish
Sri Lanka: rice, sugarcane, grains, pulses, oilseed, spices, tea, rubber, coconuts; milk, eggs, hides, beef
Sudan: cotton, groundnuts (peanuts), sorghum, millet, wheat, gum arabic, sugarcane, cassara, mangos, papaya, bananas, sweet potatoes, sesame; sheep, livestock
Suriname: paddy rice, bananas, palm kernels, coconuts, plantains, peanuts; beef, chickens; forest products; shrimp
Swaziland: sugarcane, cotton, corn, tobacco, rice, citrus, pineapples, sorghum, peanuts; cattle, goats, sheep
Sweden: grains, sugar beets, potatoes; meat, milk
Switzerland: grains, fruits, vegetables; meat, eggs
Syria: wheat, barley, cotton, lentils, chickpeas, olives, sugar beets; beef, mutton, eggs, poultry, milk
Taiwan: rice, corn, vegetables, fruit, tea; pigs, poultry, beef, milk; fish
Tajikistan: cotton, grain, fruits, grapes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats
Tanzania: coffee, sisal, tea, cotton, pyrethrum (insecticide made from chrysanthemums), cashew nuts, tobacco, cloves (Zanzibar), corn, wheat, cassava (tapioca), bananas, fruits, vegetables; cattle, sheep, goats
Thailand: rice, cassava (tapioca), rubber, corn, sugarcane, coconuts, soybeans
Togo: coffee, cocoa, cotton, yams, cassava (tapioca), corn, beans, rice, millet, sorghum; livestock; fish
Tokelau: coconuts, copra, breadfruit, papayas, bananas; pigs, poultry, goats
Tonga: squash, coconuts, copra, bananas, vanilla beans, cocoa, coffee, ginger, black pepper; fish
Trinidad and Tobago: cocoa, sugarcane, rice, citrus, coffee, vegetables; poultry
Tunisia: olives, olive oil, grain, dairy products, tomatoes, citrus fruit, beef, sugar beets, dates, almonds
Turkey: tobacco, cotton, grain, olives, sugar beets, pulse, citrus; livestock
Turkmenistan: cotton, grain; livestock
Turks and Caicos Islands: corn, beans, cassava (tapioca), citrus fruits; fish
Tuvalu: coconuts; fish
Uganda: coffee, tea, cotton, tobacco, cassava (tapioca), potatoes, corn, millet, pulses; beef, goat meat, milk, poultry
Ukraine: grain, sugar beets, sunflower seeds, vegetables; beef, milk
United Arab Emirates: dates, vegetables, watermelons; poultry, eggs, dairy products; fish
United Kingdom: cereals, oilseed, potatoes, vegetables; cattle, sheep, poultry; fish
United States: wheat, other grains, corn, fruits, vegetables, cotton; beef, pork, poultry, dairy products; forest products; fish
Uruguay: wheat, rice, barley, corn, sorghum; livestock; fish
Uzbekistan: cotton, vegetables, fruits, grain; livestock
Vanuatu: copra, coconuts, cocoa, coffee, taro, yams, coconuts, fruits, vegetables; fish, beef
Venezuela: corn, sorghum, sugarcane, rice, bananas, vegetables, coffee; beef, pork, milk, eggs; fish
Vietnam: paddy rice, corn, potatoes, rubber, soybeans, coffee, tea, bananas, sugar; poultry, pigs; fish
Virgin Islands: fruit, vegetables, sorghum; Senepol cattle
Wallis and Futuna: breadfruit, yams, taro, bananas; pigs, goats
West Bank: olives, citrus, vegetables; beef, dairy products
Western Sahara: fruits and vegetables (grown in the few oases); camels, sheep, goats (kept by nomads)
Yemen: grain, fruits, vegetables, pulses, qat (mildly narcotic shrub), coffee, cotton; dairy products, livestock (sheep, goats, cattle, camels), poultry; fish
Yugoslavia: cereals, fruits, vegetables, tobacco, olives; cattle, sheep, goats
Zambia: corn, sorghum, rice, peanuts, sunflower seed, vegetables, flowers, tobacco, cotton, sugarcane, cassava (tapioca); cattle, goats, pigs, poultry, milk, eggs, hides; coffee
Zimbabwe: corn, cotton, tobacco, wheat, coffee, sugarcane, peanuts; cattle, sheep, goats, pigs

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