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FIFA World Cup: 3964 is a magic number for determining the winners:
1. Brazil won the World Cup in 1994; before that they also won in 1970: 1970 + 1994= 3964
2. Argentina won the last World Cup in 1986; before that they also won in 1978: 1978 + 1986= 3964
3. Germany won the last World Cup in 1990; before that they also won in 1974: 1974 + 1990= 3964
4. Brazil also won the World Cup in 2002; before that they also won in 1962: 1962+ 2002= 3964
5. Therefore if you want to know which nation is going to win the World Cup in 2010, you only have to subtract 2010 from the magic number 3964. 3964 minus 2010 = 1954. In 1954 the World Cup was won by Germany.
This may not be scientific, but it is very interesting.
FIFA World Cup: History and Statistics
Olympics results and medal count since 1896

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