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Canadian Provinces & Territories
Canada, with an area of 10 million square kilometers, has a population of about 33 million. Canada has 10 provinces and three territories.The official languages of Canada are English and French.There are three levels of government in Canada, namely federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal. In general, the federal government is responsible for matters that affect Canada on a national level, such as national defense, citizenship, and foreign affairs policies. The provincial and territorial governments are responsible for matters such things as health care, highways, and education, besides sharing other responsibilities with the federal govenrment. The municipal government is responsible for matters such as public works, fire departments, and local or regional police departments.
About Canada
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Governments and Services
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General Resources and Guides
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These guides feature selected programs and services that the Government of Canada offers to non-Canadian and Canadian small and medium-sized businesses.
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