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Products by languagesHandheld electronic dictionary
Handheld dictionaries and translators - over 70 titles for 20 languages - are modern, lightweight and fashionable gadgets with a great variety of features. An electronic dictionary is becoming a definite must-have in many areas of business. Most of our models are based on speech recognition and Text-to-Speech technologies and have additional capabilities of a business organizer. The majority of our handheld models are bidirectional and feature voice recognition and/or synthesis, extensive dictionary bases (up to 1,000,000 words), grammar references, vocabularies containing common usage phrases and colloquial expressions, irregular verbs, and more.

Software for translation and education
We offer a wide range of software products - over 220 titles - translation tools and learning aids for over 35 languages. Our programs are designed for all standard computer platforms: Windows, Pocket PC, Palm OS and have a number of tools for a variety of purposes depending on the linguistic goals you have set: text translators, accent removers, bidirectional talking dictionaries, localization tools, language office tools, etc.

Supplements for a variety of handheld dictionary models include various accessories and downloadable software: additional dictionaries and communication tools plus optional features which will help to make your linguistic assistant even more efficient.

 Handheld Devices
These smart appliances are meant to give you support in many aspects of modern-day life. They are multitask, they help you communicate, organize your time, read, write, listen to music and view pictures. Enhanced with Ectaco dictionary software they become perfect language learning aides.

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