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Sex Statistics

The New Rules of Sex: How We Want It, Get It, Love It
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)The Survey
In a survey of more than 1700 adults between the ages of 21 and 49, the men and women revealed exactly what it is they do between the sheets, at the computer, on the desk, on the first date, in the elevator, and more. The participants reveal their deepest, sexiest secrets in the statistics below. Indulge yourself.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Are You Above Average in Bed?
Average number of.:
Times per week you have sex: 2.6 for men; 2.3 for women
Partners in lifetime: 14 for men; 11 for women
Times per week you masturbate: 3.8 for men; 1.6 for women
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Surfing The Net For Porn
61% of men surf the Net for porn; about half of them spend an hour or more per week doing it.
17% of women surf for porn; only a third put an hour or more into it.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)It's Research, I Swear!
14% of women have looked at porn on the Internet at work; 32% of men have.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Sex Around The World: How We Stack Up
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Is It Something in the Waffles?
People in Belgium are happiest with their sex lives; the Chinese, not so much, ranking last on the satisfaction scale. (USA: tied with Croatia for fourth place)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)First to Lose It
40-year-old virgins? Not exactly, but in India, the average age of first sex is 19.8, the oldest in the world. (USA: 16.9 years old)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Film Buffs
Canadians and Americans are the most likely to have cameras rolling during sex.
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Busiest in Bed
The Greeks top the frequency charts, having sex an average 138 times per year; the Japanese just 45 times a year. (USA: in 11th place, averaging 113 boinks annually)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Why We're Thinking of Moving Our Offices
Place you're most likely to have sex at work: South Africa. (USA: fifth most likely, same as Serbia and Montenegro)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Turkish Delight
People in Turkey have had more sex partners (14.5) than in any other country, while in India, they have had the fewest (3). (USA: ranks 13th)
ball1.gif (1653 bytes)Good Vibrations
Vibrator use is highest in Taiwan. (USA: tied with the U.K. for second)
Source: WebMD
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